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Attract and maintain new clients and readers with fresh book covers, business cards, posters, flyers, signs and ads with a cohesive design for instant recognition.

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"I needed someone to take charge and create a killer design to brand my business. I needed business cards, flyers, signs, posters and brochures. Even a website design, not to mention the banner for Etsy, Facebook and all the many social media platforms and advertising that I do. Amanda is always available to discuss my needs. She has an eye for design. The images are crisp and clean. My brand pops now and I know I have support when I need it. I could not be happier and recommend her all the time. You won't be disappointed either."
"Razzle Dazzle Design covers sell books for me. She knows my niches (Cyborg Romance and Alien Romance) and she crafts covers that fit into those niches yet are distinctive and beautiful and uniquely mine. I highly recommend her, especially if you want to build a cohesive, selling brand across books and across series."
"Amanda has created covers for several of my SFF books, both those released by publishers and those I've released independently. Working with her is a joy. She is talented, fair, and flexible. Highly recommended."
"Razzle Dazzle Design is fast, knowledgeable, and has an excellent eye for design. Her cover designs (and ad designs, and logo designs, and website graphics) are da bomb. I recommend her to all my author friends, and to you, too, if you're reading this. I get nothing but compliments on the space opera and paranormal romance and book covers she designed for me."
"Amanda is a wonderful designer, willing to work with an author until they’re happy with their cover. She knows the different markets to create the perfect cover. She’ll help you pick out images, give advice and communicates in a very timely manner. You can count on her to go the extra mile."